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VR on The Public Queue

  This was originally posted on The Public Queue. In their words, "The Public Queue is a space for critically engaging culture, wrestling with ideas of faith, laughing at things and people, and provoking thoughtful conversations on ideas that are no longer solely property of the Christian churc...

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Posted by Michelle McCreary | November 27, 2012 

july 20, 2012

Today is my birthday.  I opened my eyes this morning and took a few extra seconds to lay there and take in the joy of it....anticipating the next several hours--hearing from friends, going out this evening AND eating ICE CREAM CAKE!  I love birthdays.  I probably have my mom to ...

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Posted by Michelle McCreary | July 20, 2012   | 1 Comment

we want your clothes!

Did you know that the average American discards almost 70 pounds of clothing and household textiles per year?  According to the EPA, textiles make up about 5% of the total U.S. municipal waste.* Our great grandparent’s generation owned fewer garments, and instead of tossing worn textiles, they me...

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Posted by Michelle McCreary | February 20, 2012   | 1 Comment

renegade sf december 2011

Finally, finally I'm makin' time to get these pictures posted! The Renegade Show in San Francisco in December was VintageRemade's first time doing an event outside of LA, so that was pretty exciting.  It felt like a step forward.  AND it was tons of fun because my dear friend April made...

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Posted by Michelle McCreary | February 18, 2012   | 2 Comments

renegade la december 2011

2011 was a really big year for VintageRemade in so many ways.  it was our first full year of doing shows-- which meant lots of learning along the way.  we were experimenting with bag designs, display set-ups and what kinds of shows to do.  typically we did one or two shows a month....

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Posted by Michelle McCreary | January 21, 2012 

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