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one of my joys as a designer is getting to make custom bags.  the way it works is someone will send me the fabric that they want me to use and maybe give me some ideas of what they would like to see style-wise or how they plan to use the bag.  then begins my process of exploring the materials and imagining what it could be. my absolute favorite is when the fabrics have some kind of sentimental value to the person. there is something almost sacred about opening a box of fabric when i know that it belonged to someone’s parent or a grandparent.  there are little stains and spots where the fabric has been snagged or more worn.. little signs of life.   i know those spots represent moments in time, moments of shared experience.

i went to visit family in texas last weekend, and it's been almost two years since my grandad passed away, but i was looking through some old things i found some hats that he used to wear, and i could instantly imagine him in those hats. they were such a part of him and how i remember him. and i think that's kind of what i’m trying to get at—that clothing can be this intimate connection to someone, to a memory. 

do you have fabrics that you would like to see converted into a one-of-a-kind keepsake bag?  

here is one of my favorite custom orders:



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