Unique LA is two days away!  we are SOOOOO looking forward to a great weekend!  if you're planning to attend, hope to see you there!

GIVEAWAY** we have five tickets to the event that we're giving out for FREE.  just comment below or email us at to win and we'll give you more details. xoxo


I’m with you Kadbury……she’s my sista, but I have zilch time to sew….sigh….and I’m sure not a pharmacist with 2 lttlie kids….but, I do garden and garden and read all the time…that sorta rules out “sewing”, I guess….

Thanks so much Jaime for your sweet words! Hope to meet you today. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, we can still add a few people. When you get to the ticket table just go to the guest of vendors line and tell them you’re with VintageRemade.

i am so stoked on what you are doing and can’t wait to see you stuff in person sunday at the show. you are doing such a compassionate and loving thing, it warms my heart!!!

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