unique la spring 2011

 As expected, last weekend's show was tons o' fun.  Here's our table set-up:

My dear friend Olga designed an installation out of hangers that was suspended over our booth.  It was kind of hard to photograph, but trust me, it looked amazing.

The event started at 11am and by 11:30 the place was packed and it pretty much stayed that way until the days end.

(below) Meet Emma, one of our interns . She's super talented and we are grateful to have her on board!

This was one of my favorite things at Unique LA.. Ex Libris Anonymous  They make journals using old book covers.  Pretty genius.

And Magic Industrie uses book covers to make wallets.

Honey My Heart was one of our booth neighbors.  Thought these were earrings were cute.

Our other booth neighbor Once Lost Jewelry creates jewelry from found objects like watch gears and old keys.  Very pretty stuff.

And of course, there was this guy.  

Fun day.  Can't wait to do it again!  If you missed it this time around, we just got word there will be a summer show at the Barker Hangar July 30-31, so save the date! xoxo



just saw this posting! looks like the event went well, yay!

loved reading about your experience at unique. it was such a fun weekend and we enjoyed having you as a neighbor! hope to see you again soon :)

thanks for putting me up here..>!!! nice pics!

thanks josh! YES i am so very excited about the new site too! i’ve been wanting to have the store/blog/etc. all embedded in the site, so this feels like huge step forward! hope all is well with you!

Looks like it was tons of fun. Love the new site!

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