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the event in silver lake today is the debut of our new line of western ties!  hooray!  i had been trying to figure out the best way to display them and thought about maybe finding mannequins—but they were pretty pricey, SO i started brainstorming other ideas.  this is what I came up with:

i thought I’d do a little DIY step by step in case there are other folks that could benefit and build on this display idea for other projects.

SO, i started with your standard Quaker oatmeal container.  

the lids on these are recessed (which makes them prone to getting ripped/punctured once they're covered in paper), so in order to make the top level and sturdy, i traced the container, made a cardboard cut out..  

and glued it over the lid. 

i used the back of an old Mead notepad for my cardboard, but you could use anything. then I painted a thin layer of acrylic gel medium on the cardboard.  this brand, Nova Color, is my absolute favorite to use for collaging.  

you could also use something like Modge Podge (a thin paste/glue that dries completely clear).

i used paper from an old hardback to cover mine; maps, comics or newspaper would also work..  

cover the top with one sheet  

then use your paint brush and glue to fold down the extra.  the sides will smooth as you add more paper.  begin applying small sections of paper and working your way from top to bottom.  

make sure you use enough layers so it’s not see-through.  once it’s all covered, use one more coat of gel medium to give it a finished look.  i did the same thing with some Pringles containers to have some height variation. 

it takes a few hours to dry.  i went ahead and let them sit over night, and they were ready to go in the morning  here's how they looked all set up AND check out these ties!



Thanks for the shout out. These are DOPE. Are you gonna make any self-tied ones (no clasp)?

these turned out so wonderfully!

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