silver lake jubilee 2011

Silver Lake Jubilee, for those who are not from the area is an annual two day music, arts and literary festival that takes place in the ever happening..Sliver Lake.


one thing that sets the festival apart is their commitment to be a "zero waste" event.   Sustain LA has worked with the festival planners for the past two years to facilitate a massive recycling and composting effort with the goal of diverting waste from going to landfills.  you can read more about that here or check out this interview with Leslie van Keuren Campbell, founder of Sustain LA.


here are a couple of images from my booth.  i did a little clothesline with some of our totes hanging from clothespins.


my favorite vendor was probably Taxi CDC.  their clothes are gorgeous and made from upcycled fabrics.  for those in LA, they have a store in Echo Park; they're also carried in tons of boutiques  and stores across the US, so look for them!

this artist did a skyscape painting under sunset bridge.

my absolute favorite moment of the festival was when these guys took the stage.  i was back at my booth (which was kind of far from the stage) when i heard the bass line of seven nation army by the white stripes.  i couldn't see who was playing, so when the singer started my brain was like what?! is that a child?  and yes, it was.  they were the cutest thing ever.  

i'm so glad that someone recorded them, so i can share this with you... enjoy xoxo!


You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incderbile!

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