custom bridesmaid gifts

I recently had the privilege of making several custom clutches for my friend Joy's wedding.  

She wanted to give her bridesmaids gifts that would be original, thoughtful and uniquely compliment the different personalities of the ladies in her wedding party. 


She loved the idea of clutches because the girls could use them on the big day to carry all of their necessary survival items (tissues, lipstick, band-aids for new shoes, etc.), AND they could continue to use them after the wedding.

The ceremony was at Placerita Canyon Nature Center, and Joy wanted everything to have a simple, earthy elegance.  Since the bridal party was wearing light taupe dresses, she wanted the clutches to be a pop of color.  She decided on a deep red, and I began my hunt for the perfect fabrics to upcycle.  I hit the jackpot at one of my go-to shops, had all of the garments laundered, and got to work coming up with designs.

The minor/major hiccup was that LA had a crazy wind storm that came through the week that I was finishing these up that left me without electricity for NINE days.  if i lived in the 1800's and used a treadle machine that wouldn't have been an issue.  I literally had to haul my machine to a few different friend's houses (that had power) over the course of that week to get all the sewing done.  Thankfully it all came together!  

Electricity-less and all, it was super fun to work on these.  Cheers to the bride and groom!



These were SO amazing Michelle! All of my bridesmaids loved them. Thanks again!

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