renegade la december 2011

2011 was a really big year for VintageRemade in so many ways.  it was our first full year of doing shows-- which meant lots of learning along the way.  we were experimenting with bag designs, display set-ups and what kinds of shows to do.  typically we did one or two shows a month.  in december we went full bore and did three back to back weekends of saturday-sunday shows. first up was Unique LA, then Renegade LA and last one was Renegade SF.  here are some of the highlights from Renegade LA...


oh hello, friend = all kinds of of adorable.  besides jewelry, they had lots of fun odds and ends that i found myself desiring simply for their cuteness.  exhibit A:

tape dispensers made from cassettes.  my friend kate goes crazy for all things miniature, so she would have loved this:

more cuteness.. careful it bites makes these little monsters:

the artist, kelice penney calls it mythical taxidermy.  yes.

for the photographers and musicians in your life, couch sells handmade camera and guitar straps. they are really well made and they had a huge selection of different colors and styles.

another fun find was wood ties by wood thumb (made from reclaimed wood).

no doubt these serve as interesting conversations starters.  

urban craft center was there offering free sessions throughout the weekend.

i loved this vendor's old fashioned peddler-esque set-up.

cuckoo clocks by black forest works.

we shared a booth space with Heather Arndt who works primarily in ceramics.  here are some of her bottles and tiles.

i really liked her stuff and as we got to talking over the course of the weekend, she shared about her fine arts background and showed me pictures of some larger sculptures and paintings.

one of my other creative ventures, is curating art for vacant storefronts in Pasadena.  it was really great timing meeting her because right after the show I had a space that became available, and I was actually able to install several of Heather's pieces.  if you're in the area, it's at 600 E. Colorado Blvd.

pictures from the Renegade SF show coming soon! xo


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