renegade sf december 2011

Finally, finally I'm makin' time to get these pictures posted! The Renegade Show in San Francisco in December was VintageRemade's first time doing an event outside of LA, so that was pretty exciting.  It felt like a step forward.  AND it was tons of fun because my dear friend April made the road trip with me.  She actually lives near Fresno, which is about four hours north of LA, so I made the first part of the drive solo and then picked her up for the rest of the trip.  I mention the drive only to share that during that time I was alone, I somehow got on the wrong freeway and literally drove for almost an HOUR without realizing it. Not sure how I managed to do that.  In my defense all I can say is that it was dark and I was on the phone. Thankfully the friendly men smoking outside the casino in Rosamond, CA got me back on track.  

April and I got to San Francisco a day early and were able to hang out some in the city.  She and I both have a deep appreciation for all things artistic, so naturally we went to the SF MOMA.  Here's April taking a little break.
Saturday our day started bright and early.  

We shared a booth space with Lisa of Zelma Rose.  She makes an assortment of vintage inspired goods, so we felt like our set-ups really complimented one another.  Here are some of her necklaces and other goodies:
Our booth neighbor was Oh So Milla.  The designer, Camilla, hand knits these one-of-a-kind necklaces.  Each one takes hours to make.  So much detail.  
Besides these lovely ladies, there were a few designers that caught my eye.  Yes & Yes makes jewelry from upcycled books.  

Pretty fun, huh?

Another person doing upcycled jewelry that i loved was Mukee.

Earrings from Skateboard decks.  So many great colors and designs to work with.
We absolutely had a blast.  It was a great turn out, and San Francisco showed us so much love.  

Can't wait to go back! ALSO!  Lisa of Zelma Rose interviewed me for the IndieMade Blog.  Check out her post here.  


Thank you for being at the Renegade! I love the set of cards with Polaroids that I’ve purchased from you, and of uosrce those small scissors… awwww – I am in love with them.Happy Holidays!

Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for including me in your most excellent post :) We had such a blast vending with you in SF. Hope to see you soon. xo

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