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Did you know that the average American discards almost 70 pounds of clothing and household textiles per year?  According to the EPA, textiles make up about 5% of the total U.S. municipal waste.*

Our great grandparent’s generation owned fewer garments, and instead of tossing worn textiles, they mended their clothing, tailored it for younger siblings or made it into rags and quilts.  

We have obviously moved away from that culture of preservation and frugality.

We live in a time of fast-fashion-- which is a problem.

Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain writes, “Innocuous as they might seem when compared with plastic shopping bags or Styrofoam cups, clothing and textiles become garbage just like everything else when thrown away - and given our country's shopping crazed culture, discarded clothing is clogging up landfills at an alarming rate.” 

Of course there are many ways we can reduce textile waste: most obviously by buying less, buying secondhand, buying things that biodegrade, or putting unwanted clothing back into the consumer cycle (e.g., thrift stores, clothing swaps, coat drives). 

VintageRemade is part of a movement of designers that are attempting to reimagine “waste.”   We make useable products from pre-loved textiles, so here's another way: donate your old clothing to us!  Help us create momentum for the upcycling movement.  


BEFORE: A western trench coat, some placements and napkins >>> AFTER: A crossbody bag


VintageRemade partners with an organization called WOW (Women for Orphans and Widows) to provide basic needs, education, job training and food for kids and women in the village of Njewa in Malawi.  Your clothing donations will help us care for that community.

So what kinds of things can we accept?  Suede, leather, durable wool, cotton, silk, etc. Things we regularly use: slacks, men’s button up shirts, sports coats, ladies dresses, skirts, pillowcases, sheets, place mats, cloth napkins, curtains, table runners, table cloths and upholstery.  

Even if there are stains or holes, as long as there is at least a 10” x10” of useable fabric somewhere on the garment, we can use it.

Things we look for: unique patterns, colors and textures.  Sometimes things that are ugly and hideous make gorgeous bags.

Things we cannot use: Clothes that smell like ash trays or litter boxes.  We launder all of the garments, but there are some smells that you just can't get out. 

If you have CLEAN clothes or textiles you'd like to donate and you live in the Los Angeles area, we'll gladly come pick-up your donation or arrange a drop-off.  Please help us spread the word!  For more details, contact us at info@vintageremade.com.


*5% of the total municipal waste= 21 BILLION pounds.  See the 2009 EPA Municipal Solid Waste report here.  The Council for Textile Recycling created a very easy to read chart here using the 2009 EPA report.


Love it! Having my 1st grandchild. In 2 wks. we find out the sex! Can’t wait!I have also been busy going to yard sales and have getton terrific bargains and many new items, I cannot buy new much b/c why? Most I get for 50 cents in perfect shape{I’m picky!} It’s been fun. I also got the crib and changing table at a yard sale.Hardly used! I got the chest at a thrift store and pd. $63 for it,matches the crib perfectly! We are doing Noah’s Ark and got lamps and pictures and everything!

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