Njewa (in-jay-wah)



VintageRemade has partnered with Visionledd's Women for Orphans and Widows to:

Why Njewa? 

In 2006, Michelle spent time volunteering in Malawi and specifically worked in the village of Njewa. Her desire had been to find a way to establish a long-term partnership with the village. Once VintageRemade came to be in 2008, she felt impressed to have a portion of every bag sold go to supporting the women and children of Njewa. 

Where is Njewa? 

Njewa is on the outskirts of Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. Malawi is a small country located in the southeast region of Africa; it’s nestled between Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania. 

What's Njewa like? 

Most of the people living in Njewa are farmers and grow just enough for their own families. There is no electricity, and safe water is hard to find. 

Few people in the community have learned to read and write-- more than 85% are illiterate, and it’s difficult for families to pay the fees required to send their children to school.  Because of the lack of educational facilities, there is little understanding concerning the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS, a disease that has ravaged the community. 

Hunger, lack of employment and desperate poverty have forced children into selling their bodies just to get a little food to help their families. As a result, the HIV/AIDS rates are as high as 25%. The impact? 850 children are orphans, vulnerable and alone. 1,200 people live with AIDS.

BUT.. it's also a community whose warmth and joy are infectious and where hope and possibility are taking shape.

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